To me love is art, and art is love. For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the different landscapes our world has to offer – the mountains, the forests, the desert, the coasts. I’ve dedicated most of my early 20s to exploring and photographing these natural spaces that inspire my photography. I was a landscape photographer for almost a decade before I entered into the elopement & wedding world!

My knowledge of how to photograph landscapes is something I carry with me into every elopement & wedding day, making my art different from other photographers. I love composing couples artfully within a landscape so when they look back at their photos it grounds them to the earth, the scene, the exact moment where they made their promise! I have photographed countless couples in Tennessee, Montana, Wyoming, California, and even more.

Big Sur California, 2023

My most ideal clients are humans who love the earth as they love one another. The ones who value the experience and the promise they are making over impressing others. Every client of mine means the world to me. Photography is such a personal and intimate activity that I ensure couples feel comfortable before anything else! Having an actual, real relationship with the couples I work with leads to honest and authentic imagery for them. No silly poses, no faking it.

By always incorporating elements of the landscape into the imagery, I strive to make my art feel immersive for the couple remembering their moments. I want you to be able to feel everything from your big day through my imagery. I pride myself on being an inclusive, approachable friend & photographer. I cannot wait to meet you and your lover, you can get in touch with me below.

I care about the couples I work with much.

Glacier national park montana, 2021

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Redwoods Forest California, 2022

Big sur california, 2023


National Parks are for

My all-time favorite National Park is Joshua Tree in Southern California. I recently got engaged to the love of my life in Glacier National Park. I have been to 23 National Parks so far, and I think they are some of the most cinematic + romantic places to photograph.


Inspired by the vision of
Ansel Adams

My biggest inspiration is the photography of Ansel Adams. His dramatic + cinematic vision captured the natural world in a new light. After visiting Yosemite National Park and seeing the subjects of his most famous works in real life, I felt a profound connection with his ability to capture the world as it was remembered.


Healing others + dedication
to critical care

I have been an intensive care unit nurse for five years, specializing in neurosurgery and coronavirus relief. I travel to hospitals across the country in need of nurses, with an emphasis on geographic areas I want to photograph. I capture landscapes + humans in love between shifts at the hospital. Most recently, I have completed travel ICU assignments in Los Angeles, California + Phoenix, Arizona. 

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